Good afternoon from the Land of Rising and Falling Waters!

Wednesday was another great day at camp.  After Troop 2 raised the flags, Troop 1 started the day by leading the prayers at breakfast.  Sausage made a presence on our plates, which is an inevitable sign that the scouts will be singing “The Sausage Song.”

Our boys were busy all day long.  The first-year scouts departed on their five-mile hike to the Charleston Tea Plantation around 9am, and they all arrived successfully in time for a picnic lunch and tour of the processing facility.  The group was back in time for their Indian Lore class where tepees are starting to take shape.

Cole Sanchez celebrated his fifteenth birthday with a toast from the Camp Ho Non Wah staff.

The rest of the scouts are busy with rifle work, swimming, lifesaving, fishing, and a variety of other badges.

We ended the evening with an interfaith worship service by the water.  The campsite becomes a little more quiet each evening as our boys get more tired from a day of fun.

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