Troop 1 Edisto River Weekend
May 5-7, 2017






Our end of the year (aka the GPS) camping trip will take us to the Edisto River near Branchville, SC where Troop1 scouts will be paddling the black water of the mighty Edisto River Trail. The Edisto River Basin is the world’s longest free-flowing “blackwater” stream which encompasses twelve counties, including much of the midlands and Lowcountry areas of South Carolina. The blackwater refers to the tannic acids from the trees and vegetation around the river. The peaceful rate of flow makes it ideal for paddling enthusiasts of all skill levels.

The highlight of the weekend will be a 10 mile paddle down the river to our outfitter’s outpost across the river from Colleton Park which will cover several hours on Saturday. Older scouts have many great memories of the 50 miler trips we have made in the past and our present scouts are sure to discover the fun of the river also and also learn to preserve that all important Troop 1 tradition of “frolicking” on the river!

We will leave the scout hut at 4:00pm on Friday for a 2 ½ hour drive to our camping spot We will stop in Columbia at Rushes on the way home Sunday (included in the trip fee) and expect to arrive back at the scout hut between 1 and 2 that afternoon.

Our camping spot will be drive-up so there are no limitations on packing. You will need to provide your own food for all meals except for Saturday Supper and Sunday lunch. All of the troop cooking equipment will be available for your use. Your Saturday lunch should be “portable” for the canoe ride and somewhat waterproof. Chef Mark Mullen is planning a big Mexican Fiesta for Saturday dinner not to be missed!!

You will need something on your feet that will get wet while in the canoes and swimming in the river. A sneaker, water shoe, or Teva-type sandal is best. Flip-flops or Crocks will not work. Because this is a water related trip all first year scouts are required to have a parent or an assigned guardian accompany them. The cost for this trip will be $30 per person to include canoe rentals, Saturday dinner, and Sunday lunch.

Space is limited and we must have all registrations completed by Sunday, April 30th, so we may release any unused canoes back to our outfitter.