Happy afternoon from a MUCH cooler Camp Ho Non Wah!

Day three started off well with biscuits, sausage gravy , orange juice, and cereal for breakfast.

Tuesday’s shirts were a troop favorite – with our scouts depicted in the famous troop 1 hammocks.

Camp Ho Non Wah 2014 T-shirtCamp Ho Non Wah 2014 T-shirt


Our scouts were caught by surprise with an early inspection, so we scored a little lower with a “95” for an overall rating on Tuesday.

The boys got into the full swing of their merit badges Tuesday, with many of them in canoes, kayaks, and sailboats.  The sounds of rifles were also heard across camp.

Lunch was excellent – hot dogs and cup cakes.  Many of the boys spent their free time in the afternoon preparing for the Ultimate Frisbee competition.

The first-year scouts earned their Tot-n-Chit cards yesterday, so many young scouts have been practicing their whittling skills around camp.

In the evening, after a supper of chicken bog, the first-year scouts earned their Fingerprinting merit badge shortly before Troop 1 sweeped the campwide athletic competitions with victories in tether ball, basketball, and ultimate frisbee.

Everyone was TIRED by bedtime.  But luckily, all of the homesick boys all seem to have made the adjustment to camp life successfully.

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