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Camp HNW – Day 5

I slept well last night, dreaming of the amazing hamburgers we had for dinner, and small-headed antelope. At 5 am this morning I looked out of my bunk, and I thought I saw Rocky the raccoon on the picnic table. I knew that little critter would make a huge mess and we would have to clean it up.

Camp HNW – Day 4

After our victories over Troop 2 in basketball and frisbee yesterday, we celebrated into the evening, and when it was time for bed I am sure everyone slept well. I think the campsite was quiet the earliest it has been so far – maybe midnight!

Camp HNW – Day 2

At about 9 o’clock last night, we all gathered around Mr. Satterfield by the campfire, and he read us a bedtime story about a family of cute bears who have a picnic in the woods with their friends, the raccoons. We then took turns brushing our teeth, said our prayers, and then went straight to bed. We were happily asleep by 10 o’clock.