While a Star Scout, use the EDGE method to teach a younger Scout the skills from ONE of the following six choices, so that he is prepared to pass those requirements to his unit leader’s satisfaction.

  1. Second Class—7a and 7c (first aid)
  2. Second Class—1a (outdoor skills)
  3. Second Class—3c, 3d, 3e, and 3f (cooking/camping)
  4. First Class—8a, 8b, 8c, and 8d (first aid)
  5. First Class—1, 7a, and 7b (outdoor skills)
  6. First Class—4a, 4b, and 4d (cooking/camping)

The latest Boy Scout requirements for Tenderfoot and Life ranks require the Scout to use the BSA EDGE method. This is a four step method for teaching a skill. It is sometimes called Scoutings Teaching EDGE.

The EDGE Method

The EDGE method is a four step method for teaching a skill:

  • Explain
  • Demonstrate
  • Guide
  • Enable

Explain: First explain what you will be doing. Tell them the steps involved. Visual aids might be helpful for this step. Use questions to gauge their understanding.

Demonstrate: Show them how to do the skill. Demonstrate the steps using the actual materials. Describe what you are doing.

Guide: Let them practice the skill. Guide and coach them as they try to do it themselves. This step will take the most time.

Enable: Enable them by letting them do the skill themselves without any intervention.