The following sample questions are presented as examples of the types of questions that could be asked at Troop 1 Boards of Review. This is not an all-inclusive list. Other questions may come from the rank requirements list beginning on page 432. They have been classed under topics like Scout Spirit, Skills, Service and Leadership, and General. These are further broken down by questions suitable for All Ranks, for Tenderfoot, for Second Class, for First Class, for Star, and for Life.

Board of Review Sample Questions (PDF) – updated August 24, 2014

Board of Review Policy

(August 24, 2014) A Board of Review is the final step in the process by which a Scout advances in rank – eventually to Eagle. It also encourages Scouts to review “the basics” and gives troop leaders valuable feedback. Two or three committee members of Troop 1 will usually conduct a Board of Review.  The Board provides an opportunity for the Scout to accept responsibility and develop and practice skills needed in an interview situation.  The Board of Review is a time to determine the Scout’s knowledge, attitudes, accomplishments, and acceptance of Scouting Ideals.  Scout Spirit is defined as living the Scout Oath and Scout Law in a Scout’s everyday life.  The board should make sure that good standards have been met in all phases of the Scout’s life.  A discussion of the Scout Oath and Scout Law is in keeping with the purpose of the review, to make sure that the candidate recognizes and understands the value of Scouting in his home, unit, school, and community.

Prior to a board, scouts must first arrange for a Scoutmaster’s Conference and review the requirements for their next rank advancement with Mr. Gage.  Scouts may then schedule a Board of Review (BOR) by e-mailing Dr. Paul Switzer at [email protected].  This request should come from the scout (for scouts without e-mail please let the scout send from parent address) and not mom or dad.  Boards will only be scheduled on the first and third Tuesdays of the month unless more dates are needed during busy times.  You should make your request no later than the Sunday evening prior to your requested date.  Your BOR date will be scheduled as soon as possible and you will be emailed or called back to confirm.

If a Scout has made arrangements for his BOR and received confirmation of a date from Dr. Switzer, and for whatever reason is unable to attend his BOR, please call or email Dr. Switzer ASAP to let him know you will not be able to make your scheduled BOR.  It is very possible your board is the only one scheduled for that night and your examiners will need to be alerted.