What do you get for the Eagle Scout who’s earned everything? How about a gift in his honor that will not only reflect your pride, but also help pave the way for his fellow scouts? A donation to the Troop 1 Legacy Fund in a scout’s name makes a remarkable and lasting gift.

The Troop I Legacy Foundation General Fund is a component fund of The Spartanburg County Foundation and was opened on October 12, 1999. It was created for the purposes of safeguarding this Troop financially and to ensure its future perpetuation by supporting the general eleemosynary1 operations and program of work of the Boy Scouts of America Troop 1 at the Episcopal Church of the Advent. The principal and net income in the fund each year is available for distribution to Troop 1. The fund can make distributions as needed but can never be spent down below a protected amount.

This fund is used for any necessary repairs to our Scout Hut, Community Service, Scholarship Programs, and Troop Equipment Acquisitions and is insurance that our Charter will be protected. Established in 1914, Troop 1 is the first and oldest Troop in the State of South Carolina and has guided over 225 young men to the rank of Eagle Scout. Please rest assured that your financial support would be used for an honorable cause, as it will help support Troop 1 and guide many more young men to the rank of Eagle Scout.

You can also contribute to this Fund through a Planned Gift from your Estate Planning process. A planned gift establishes a way for a donor to make a larger gift than they thought possible, as in most cases it reduces estate taxes. A planned gift can be either a deferred gift or an outright gift. A deferred gift could be a bequest in a will (such as a percentage of an estate), a specific asset (such as an IRA or a 401-K), a trust, or naming the Troop 1 Legacy Fund as a contingent beneficiary. It could also be a life income gift such as a Charitable Gift Annuity, a Charitable Remainder Trust, or a Charitable Lead Trust. You could also use Life Insurance, making the Troop 1 Legacy Fund the owner and beneficiary of the Life Insurance Policy, or you could use a Life Estate such as a gift of a home, a vacation home, or other related property. Outright Gifts could be appreciated property such as real estate, securities, or personal property. Planned Giving involves financial or estate planning and is not necessarily reserved for only the wealthy. You need only to consult with your Financial Advisor and ask how you might structure your Estate Planning into either Deferred Gifts or Outright Gifts to benefit the Troop 1 Legacy Fund in perpetuity.

Contributions may be sent to:

Spartanburg County Foundation

The Spartanburg County Foundation
424 E. Kennedy Street
Spartanburg, SC 29302

Contact The Spartanburg County Foundation directly at (864) 582-0138, or www.spcf.org

You can also give online at the Spartanburg County Foundation’s website: http://spcf.org/ways-to-give/contribute-online