Service hours are required for advancement to the rank of 2nd Class Scout (1 hr.), Star Scout (6 hrs.) and Life Scout (6 hrs.). Service hours include participating in a project benefiting the “community” as opposed to helping an individual. A service project done for another group (church mission trip, school citizenship project, etc.) does not count for scout service hours. This is because scouts should not get “credit” from two groups out of one act of service; this goes against Scout Spirit. The Troop Advancement Chairman (Boyce Lawton) must approve any project before the scout participates for service hour credit.

Unless the scout is asked to participate in an event by another organization, the following projects are always approved:

  • TOTAL Ministries
  • Soup Kitchen
  • Goodfellows
  • Mobile Meals
  • Working on an Eagle Project for another scout

Helping one of these organizations is usually approved, but you must ask in advance:

  • Advent Bazaar
  • Christmas in Action
    Habitat for Humanity

Scouts are encouraged to do projects in different areas of the community, not just on the above lists. If a scout has a project in mind, he must have it approved, in advance, by the Advancement Chairman. Asking for approval (via e-mail or voice mail a day or two before the project) without receiving an answer does not mean the hours will be approved.