Scout Spirit is defined in the Scout Handbook as living by the Scout Oath and Law in your everyday life. That implies that doing a good turn or providing service to others should be something you do regularly by choice – not just once in a while to satisfy a requirement for another organization or to obtain a certain rank in scouts. Being an active member of your troop also shows good Scout Spirit.

Being active means participating in:

    • 50% (minimum) of Troop 1 meetings
    • 50% (minimum) of Troop 1 activities
    • Other activities / events designated by troop leadership.

Scouting Activities

A scouting activity is anything the Scouts officially do together other than a meeting. One of the requirements for 2nd Class is that a scout must participate in five “scouting activities” of which two must involve overnight camping. He must participate in five more for 1st Class rank of which three must involve overnight camping. The activities may be completed anytime since you became a Boy Scout. If you spent the night at Crossover, that counts as your first activity.

Qualifying Scouting Activities include but are not limited to:

    • All camping trips
    • Fall BBQ
    • Marching with the troop in the Veterans Day parade
    • Attending Crossover, provided you spend the night
    • Working on an Eagle Project for another scout

Non-Qualifying Activities include:

    • Participating in a Court of Honor
    • Attending Crossover without spending the night
    • Scout Sunday