Dear Mom and Dad,

I can’t believe that the week is halfway over. Sunday night it felt like this time would never come and now I wish it was Sunday night again! Last night after we won the ultimate frisbee game, we were all so excited that we all piled into the pavilion at New Shirmer and were one big happy scout group. Some boys were playing cards, some were hanging out in their hammocks strung from the ceiling, and me my first year friends and I were making our beds on top of the picnic tables. We even had a live concert thanks to Mr. Strickland! We all slept better leaving the spiders and bugs back in our Adirondacks! We also had a visitor in camp last night…..Rocky paid us a visit! We didn’t see him but the trash was all over our campsite this morning! I hope he didn’t go in my cabin and get my gummy bears and Pringles!

Remember how I told you that we have to clean up every morning……well guess who won the paddle today for the cleanest campsite? We did!! I guess all of that fussing by Dr. Dunbar about cleaning up has rubbed off on some of us. I have to tell you a secret……I just piled everything in my trunk and closed it up so my space looks great!

Today was the big day for our Woodsman class. We hiked all the way to the Charleston Tea Plantation AND BACK. It is a 5 mile hike and we discovered the best medicine in the world….Monkey Butt! It is a miracle baby powder that you put in your shorts and helps you hike forever! I sure am glad that our scoutmasters made us powder our bottoms and feet…..some of those other kids were doing the Ho Non Waddle even before we got to our first water break. Mr. Satterfield and Mr. Gage were telling funny stories about some of the old scouts getting the Ho Non Waddle and they really made us laugh.

This afternoon, Bradley had to finish one of his Communication Merit Badge requirements so he got all the first year scouts in a circle and taught us all about the scout law and scout oath. I wish our teachers at school were as smart as Bradley and could communicate with us like he does… and you should see him throw a frisbee! I bet Ms. McGillicuddy at McCracken can’t throw a frisbee like that!

Tonight after dinner we had Chapel. It is open to the whole camp but I think we were the only troop to have everyone there. I really enjoyed it because we said a quick prayer and sang America the Beautiful. A scout is Reverent.

Tomorrow is going to be a hard day and one of the most important days in my whole life. I have to know the Scout Oath, the Scout Law, the slogan and motto, the outdoor code… and I have to tie three knots! I don’t think I will be able to sleep all night. I hope Sarge will serve us some brain food for breakfast! I hope that sausage is brain food because he serves it every morning!

Well I am going to try to go to sleep now. Tell Rover hello and don’t forget the milk and cookies.

Your almost Tenderfoot son