Dear Mom and Dad,

I can’t believe that this week is almost over. We finished all of our merit badges today, and I think everyone completed all of their classes. Mr. Satterfield said he can’t believe it, and he is looking forward to getting our report cards before we leave. Report cards! I thought I was done with those until school starts again. I sure feels good knowing that I did great in all my classes.

You will be glad to know that all of my first-year friends are Tenderfoots now! Learning how to do those knots was pretty tough but I tied all 3. I sure hope I can remember them! I will teach you when I get home, and we can practice them together so tying them will be as easy as tying my shoes.

We had something exciting happen this morning – six scouts in our Troop complete the mile swim!  Those guys woke up at 6 every morning to practice, and today they swam 36 laps in the pool. I am definitely doing that next year because I saw how proud the Scoutmasters were of them.

I have made lots of new friends this week but we have a new scout that just joined our troop and guess how many new friends he has…..27! And guess what, he knows everyone of our names. Can you believe that he got on the bus Sunday not knowing anyone and now he knows everyones name and is friends with them. I think he is going to like living here and going to school with us. Today he even won the Scoutmaster egg toss competition with Mr. Satterfield! Everyone likes him and he is going to make a good friend and scout.

I heard the camp director say that camp will be June 12 next year so I only have to wait 50 weeks before I come back down here. I hope Rover doesn’t mind sleeping in his ENO without me. You will also have to remember to put the rain tarp on top of Rover’s ENO if it rains!

And tonight may be the greatest night of my life. Our Troop just beat the staff in the Ultimate Frisbee Championship! You should see our guys after the game. They were so sweaty that they all are taking showers at midnight. At least they will have had one shower before they go home tomorrow! We won 10-6.

It has been a great week but I think I am ready to see  you and sleep in my own bed. Will you mind if Rover sleeps in my room the first night I get back? Just this one time — please!! The Scoutmasters say we are packing up early and getting a milkshake at Rush’s for lunch, but I’ll be home soon. I am so excited about so much… I just hope I can go to sleep tonight. Now I know why these older scouts say that Troop 1 and summer camp are the best memories of their lives. 

Your Tenderfoot