Lake Moultrie to Charleston Weekend
May 3-5, 2019

The traditional and always popular Troop 1 Lake Moultrie to Charleston Boat ride is on for the weekend of May 3-5, 2019.  We will return to the waterways of Lake Moultrie and the Cooper River camping near St. Stephen.  The motor boating trip will begin Saturday morning with a descent in the Pinopolis Lock at Santee Cooper’s Jefferies Hydroelectric Station which was the highest single-lift lock in the world at the time of its construction. In it, boats up to 150 feet can be raised or lowered the 75 feet difference between the Tailrace Canal and Lake Moultrie. Along the way there will be chances to see various naval ships and submarines along the river before arriving in Charleston Harbor.  Following a picnic in Charleston Harbor we will motor boat back to Lake Moultrie once again going through the Locks,  going up this time.

We will depart from the scout hut at 4:00 on Friday afternoon and plan to return back between 2 and 3 on Sunday.   Scouts will be responsible for supplying and preparing all of their meals except for lunch on Saturday and Sunday.  The troop will be supplying lunch on Charleston Harbor Saturday and then we will stop at Rush’s in Columbia on the way home Sunday.    The cost for this trip is $35.00 per person.  As space will be limited by our boating capacity, please reserve your space using the form below ASAP or at the latest by our April 30th meeting.   Scouts will be accepted on the trip based on the order of registration.  All scouts will be required to bring a PDF with them to be worn while underway in the boats and at any other times the adult leaders request.