Dear Mom and Dad,

At about 9 o’clock last night, we all gathered around Mr. Satterfield by the campfire, and he read us a bedtime story about a family of cute bears who have a picnic in the woods with their friends, the raccoons. We then took turns brushing our teeth, said our prayers, and then went straight to bed. We were happily asleep by 10 o’clock. 

KIDDING!! Of course not! We had so much fun playing cards and listening to some scouts play the guitar, playing a tabletop pool game, throwing the frisbee, eating snacks, chatting with new friends, looking into the woods with our flashlights, looking at the stars, and making animal noises to scare other scouts that I bet it was after midnight before I went to sleep. I certainly slept well!

We woke up at 7 am. Well, more accurately, we were woken up at 7 am by Dr. Dunbar telling us it was time to clean up. We had to get the campsite in tip-top shape before breakfast because there was an inspection afterward. I thought we did a great job, but we lost some points for a towel on the floor, so I guess we’ll have to do an even better job tomorrow if we want to win the Commissioner’s Paddle, which they give out every lunch. 

Yesterday was a great first day, but today was even better because we started activities and classes. After breakfast (French toast and sausages) I worked on my Woodsman merit badge. I practiced three new knots, and learned what poison ivy looks like (I’ll be sure to tell Grandpa; he is always getting poison ivy on him) and learned about using a hatchet to make kindling for campfires. Oh – remember that huge pocketknife I wanted to buy in Walmart? The one you said I could not get until I knew how to safely use and look after it? Well, I can get it now because we also learned about knife safety! I even used a stone to sharpen it. The other class I had this morning was leatherwork, where I learned all about tools and tanning. I was not really sure what that would be like but is was cool. I will be bringing something I make home, so get excited.

During lunch everyone sang Happy Birthday to one of our Troop 1 boys! All the Ho Non Wah staff clapped and sung – it was super funny to see how embarrassed he got.  I think Mr. Gage may have posted a video. Still, I think he got a free item from the Trading Post – that’s like a camp shop – so it was worth it for him. Lunch was meatball subs and fries. Can’t go wrong with that.

After lunch we had siesta time. Apparently, that means nap time, but we didn’t nap. Guess what we did. FRISBEE!

The last class of the day was swim, which was awesome because it is so hot and sweaty here.  We practiced different strokes and learned how to do the Dead Man’s Float, which like pretending you are dead, so you float and survive if you fall off a boat. Strange name, but it worked! Anyway, I’ll always make sure I have lifejacket so I won’t need that.

At dinner we heard thunder rumbling in the distance. A big storm was coming and we all raced back to our campsite after eating chicken nuggets and chocolate pudding. We made sure everything was put away before the rain came. When it started to rain, guess what we did. FRISBEE! I think Frisbee in the rain is even more fun.

Right before bed we got a surprise – delicious cookies to celebrate the birthday of our scout. I suppose all that sugar right before bedtime could have been a bad idea, but everyone is so tired and boys are already turning in.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I might try to go to sleep a little earlier than I did last night. We sure did go hard today! And to tomorrow will be even better, I am sure.

Ok, signing off. I’m drinking lots of water than I am spraying sunscreen, so don’t worry about that. Please don’t forget to feed Laurel and Hardy. But remember that fish don’t need too much food. Oh, I also think I left an half-eaten apple next to my bed at home. Can you please throw that in the trash?

Thanks again for sending me on such a great adventure here at scout camp!


Your soon-to-be Eagle scout