Dear Mom and Dad,

Remember when mom woke us all up in the middle of the night because a cockroach crawled on her pillow? She screamed so loud we all rushed out of bed. Even Wolfie started howling. Well, that happened 3 times last night! Some of the scouts in my Adirondack shelter left candy and chips out on the floor. That was like sending a dinner invitation to all the bugs and creepy-crawlies at Hon Non-Wah! After the third time someone woke up yelling after they felt a bug on them, we figured out the candy mess and put it away. There were no more unwelcome visitors after that. I’m glad I am a well-prepared scout and have all my treats packed in tight-fitting Tupperware!

The storm last night was fun, but I am pleased to say we had a (mostly) dry night. The sun was shining when we woke, and it had been a lovely summer’s day. Breakfast was biscuits and gravy, which looked kind of gross, but tasted delicious. I also ate TWO boxes of cereal. I grabbed an apple and banana for a snack later, too.

The first class of the day was more on the Woodsman merit badge. I’m learning a lot and am excited to have it all done by the end of camp. Mr. Gage says that Ho Non Wah is a brilliant way to ‘knock out’ loads of requirements for Eagle. I really want to be an Eagle Scout one day so please make sure I come to camp every year. Plus, of course, its loads of fun. Anyway, we practiced some more new knots (there are loads to remember, but I think I have them straight so far) and then we talked about how to deal with injuries you might get when out camping and hiking and things like that. I hope I never have to use what I learned but, as we scouts say, BE PREPARED!

Lunch was tasty tacos. One fun thing I want to tell you about is that after every meal we sing a boy scout song. The songs are always silly and have even sillier actions that the staff perform. At first, I felt like it wasn’t a cool thing to do, but everyone joins in and it’s so much fun! We have some very funny and goofy-acting staff here at Ho Non Wah! There may be a video on SmugMug.

After lunch we did more leatherworking.  Although I love swimming and running around, it is also fun to sit and work on a little something for a while, and it’s a chance to cool down. I finished my project and I think you’ll going to love it. I did think about giving what I made to one of you, but on second thoughts I have decided that I am the boy scout, and it will be useful for me. So, I’ll show it to you, but I’m going to keep it. Sorry!

Dinner was rice and chicken, which I did not love, but that didn’t matter and because it was the ice cream social for the Woodsman! I had one vanilla and once chocolate. But I know a scout must be healthy, so I ate an apple I saved from breakfast… promise!

Our evening activity was sports, and Troop1 totally dominated. Our older boys beat Troop2 in basketball and the all-important ultimate frisbee game. Troop 2 are our friends and they are pretty good, but we are almost always BETTER. I really wanted to play – oh, so bad – but the older boys are so good. I and the other first years will have to keep practicing and maybe in a year or two we will be the one playing Troop2.  When I get home I will throw the frisbee with dad and Wolfie. Anyway, after the game we all shook hand and were good sports, especially since we have so many friends at Troop 2, and we got a picture if us all together – all brothers in scouting!  I really bet Spartanburg must have more awesome scouts than any other city! On Friday we will play against the counselors, so it will probably be very late when I manage to write you.

Ok, signing off. Please remember that it is this week that Steve needs feeding. But remember that snakes only like to eat every few weeks, so just give Steve one mouse. They are in a bag in the freezer. Oh, and I may have left a pair of athletics socks under my bed. If my room stinks, that’s why.

Goodnight from Ho-Non-Wah.  Looking forward to another exciting day tomorrow!


Your tired but happy son.